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Organic Roll-On Deodorant - Men's Energize

Organic Roll-On Deodorant - Men's Energize

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100% Organic Essential Oil Roll-On Deodorant - Men's Energize scent

ZAK Body Care's products are formulated for the active, health conscious, universally minded, good people of Earth. 

Based in Denver, Colorado we make products that we are proud to put our name on.

We've found that certain natural deodorant won't work for some people so we've developed several formulas, each with unique ingredients and unique mechanisms of action, to make sure we've got everybody's underarms covered.

Check our store for multi-packs and other unique deodorant formulas (SUPER SMOOTH formula, ORIGINAL formula, and more).


Organic Essential Oil Roll-On formula

✦ 100% Organic essential oils by volume, nothing else except pure, natural, essential oils.

✦ We’ve selected the most powerful essential oils with antibacterial properties and combined them with the finest fragrant essential oils for men to give these deodorants unforgettable, sophisticated aromas.

✦ Gentle, yet powerful protection

✦ Unforgettable essential oil fragrance

✦ Long lasting

✦ Good News! A little goes a long way



Key Product Features

★ 100% Plant sourced formula

★ 100% Committed to Cruelty Free 

★ Professionally Handmade in Small Batches

★ Naturally Self-Preserving

★ Safe for Sensitive Skin

★ Long Lasting Protection

★ 100% Organic formula



ZAK Deodorants work like a deodorant and nourish like a lotion.

♥ No Aluminum

♥ No Parabens

♥ No Phthalates

♥ No GMOs

♥ No artificial fragrances

♥ No artificial preservatives

♥ No Petroleum products

♥ No Fillers or Carrier Oils



Organic EO Roll-On Men's Energize Ingredients:

100% Organic Essential Oils of: Organic Tea Tree, Organic Fir Needle, Organic Lavender, Organic Vetiver, Organic Thyme

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