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ZAK Natural Deodorants Work in Humid Climates (part 2) - Odor protection, organic, vegan, skin care products

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You can find our previous post about Singapore here:

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog post about our ZAK natural deodorant formulas and how they worked very well in humid Singapore.


We have more pictures to share and we wanted to

We make our premium natural deodorants formulated to nourish your body and perform like a natural deodorant should. We do this without using unhealthy chemicals. We use natural and organic ingredients that nourish your skin leaving it feeling healthy and moisturized. Our deodorants have mild wetness absorbing properties but the body is supposed to sweat and we think that natural detoxification pathway should remain unhindered. Because of this you we do not use aluminum and we do not use parabens. Non-GMO, plant and earth based ingredients only.

Much of this information is simple and if you are reading this you probably know the precariousness of most natural deodorants.

Our deodorants will deliver on their deodorant promise. We will not leave you disappointed and if you do there is a 100% money back guarantee on your first stick of deodorant. You can even try all the formulas risk free!



At ZAK Body Care we believe that our deodorant should work. Plain and simple. We test our deodorants as much as possible in order to constantly improve our formulas and ensure that they are not only working but getting better as well! We even have unique formulas for unique individuals and unique preferences. Our natural deodorant formulas use coconut oil, aloe, vera, and essential oils to combat odor offer you protection and keep you smelling amazing all day everyday.


Original Formula

Coconut Oil

Baking Soda

Arrowroot powder



Smooth Formula


Non-GMO plant based Propanediol


Organic Essential Oil Roll-On

100% essential oil


We even have mini travel size deodorant sticks so you can try out all our formula first before buying a full sized stick.

Mini sticks and mini multipacks



Our customers are our top priority and we think our customers want the best. So we innovate to change our formula and always make it better. We want to attempt to improve the formulas constantly.


When you choose ZAK Body Care for your natural skin care and natural deodorants you are choosing to include the most nutritious food and skin foods on earth into your health and beauty routine. Our products put real nutrition directly on your skin for health benefits and prevention of skin problems.



We really enjoyed visiting Singapore and using it as a testing ground for our premium natural deodorants. This trip let us test our deodorant in that beautiful country. It was upwards of 90 degrees and very humid and the deodorant performed and protected me from body odor. All day the Original formula from ZAK Natural deodorants kept me smelling great and protected from underarm odor.


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