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ZAK Natural Deodorants, new formulas, organic ingredients, vegan, paleo, etc..

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Winter is officially…


Not here yet.


October 27th, and it is still beautiful here in Colorado. You might be able to plan your upcoming Halloween costume without a coat and mittens.


ZAK Body Care has a new website. We also have new all natural products, if you have not noticed.


We titled our existing deodorant formula “Original

We came up with an all new deodorant formula “Smooth

We created a roll-on deodorant


The new deodorant formula is called Smooth because the base is aloe leaf juice and it glides on very smoothly. It has a totally different texture as compared to the original formula. The aloe leaf juice nourishes the skin with dozens of nutrients including: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, polysaccharides, and anti-inflammatory compounds. The Aloe leaf juice helps provide the formula with a smooth and clear texture.


Check out these free resources to learn more about the nutrients and benefits of aloe: NIH Aloe and aloe PDF


Aloe Vera provides unique polysaccharides that have been shown to have many health benefits.

These biological activities include promotion of wound healing, antifungal activity, hypoglycemic or antidiabetic effects antiinflammatory, anticancer, immunomodulatory and gastroprotective properties.”


Aloe vera improves bioavailability of vitamins

Vitamins C and E were studied. The study found that aloe improved the absorption and helped the vitamins last longer in the body.


You can even buy aloe at the supermarket to drink!

This particular brand has a aloe juice product that tastes like water. Pretty impressive stuff!


Similar polysaccharides found in other plants have demonstrated red blood cell protective properties.

Might suggest why aloe shows wound healing properties.



At ZAK Body Care we added aloe to our formula because it is a powerful plant that delivers real nutrition directly to the skin.

It is a healthier alternative to just plain water, which some deodorant brands do.

We use aloe juice concentrate powder and reconstitute with water to pack in as much nutrition as we can into our natural deodorant formulas.

You can of course purchase them from our shop here.


The essential oils we use in our deodorant formulas are all Organic and give delightful fragrances. They are nourishing to the skin by acting as antioxidants for free radicals. Essential oils have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and help to sooth, moisturize, and tone the skin. We use many different essential oils both for men and for women.

The men’s deodorant scent is piney, woodsy, and fresh.

The women’s deodorant scent is very geranium/rose geranium. It is floral, sweet, and fresh smelling.

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