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ZAK Deodorant Works in Humid Singapore! Natural and Organic Ingredients. Aluminum and paraben free

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 ZAK Deodorant works in Humid Singapore.

Pictures are high res so zoom in! ZAK Deodorants Natural Organic Ingredients Aluminum and Paraben Free Singapore1

At ZAK Body Care we are committed to healthy skin care and using natural and organic ingredients.

Our premium natural deodorants are formulated to nourish your body and perform like a deodorant should.

That should go without saying but if you are reading this you most certainly have experienced the failure of natural deodorants to live up to their names and deliver on their deodorant promise.

At ZAK Body Care we hold the wild idea that we should test our deodorants as much as possible in order to constantly improve and reformulate our formulas. Our customers are our number 1 priority and we have figured they would prefer that we attempt to improve the formulas constantly rather than sit on an ineffective or imperfect product.


In order to fulfill our commitment to our customers we brought a few ZAK Deodorants to the tropical island of Singapore just to test it.

Some of our friends work for an international technology company. We wanted to visit them in their natural habitat and, well, to test our deodorants.

ZAK Deodorants Natural Organic Ingredients Aluminum and Paraben Free Singapore2


ZAK Body Care was started in Colorado. Denver and Boulder were sources of strength from the beginning and continue to be the base of operations. ZAK is born and raised Colorado.


ZAK Deodorants Natural Organic Ingredients Aluminum and Paraben Free Singapore3 


So, back to the purpose of our trip to Singapore.

It is dry here in Colorado and it gets well below freezing all winter long. So dry on two counts.




Our deodorant works great in Colorado and our customers all around the United States have said the same thing. But Singapore is hot, tropical, humid and amazing but would it defeat our ZAK Premium Natural Deodorant?




The people of Singapore are friendly and for English speakers it can be an inviting country to visit in the region due to the fact that so many Singaporeans speak English.

Their country is modern and is a hub of international business in the region.

Quite a fun country to visit.




Long story short the deodorant worked.

We’re not surprised, were you?

Even in the humid Singapore air and heat, the deodorant worked all day.





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