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Natural Organic Deodorant. Odor protection. Aluminum free paraben free. Safe for Sensitive Skin

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People love ZAK Deodorants for 2 reasons:

  • It is all natural – Healthy, detoxifying, skin food
  • It works all day – Effective, gentle, safe for sensitive skin


Unlike many natural deodorants, ZAK Body Care make Natural Deodorants that function all day.

Pictured below are our Smooth formula Natural Deodorants with aloe leaf juice and Non-GMO propanediol- a plant sourced ingredient. 

Natural Organic Deodorant. Odor protection. Aluminum free paraben free. sensitive skin

Our 5 base ingredients in our Original formula deodorant can all be found at your local health food store:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Baking Soda
  • Arrowroot Powder
  • Beeswax
  • Earth Clays (Bentonite and Kaolin)
  • (We also use essential oils in the scented deodorant versions, Elevate and Energize) We say Elevate is the women’s deodorant and Energize is the men’s deodorant but our male and female customers tend to like both scents.


One of our friends travels for work every week. Last time he traveled he left for L.A. on Monday and had to leave for New York on Tuesday, but he forgot his deodorant! Once he got to New York he needed to go straight into the office then out to dinner with the clients.


So while he was still in L.A. he ordered an Original Energize deodorant. He had it shipped to his client’s office in N.Y., and notified them that he would be receiving a package there and to just hang on to it for him until he got there.


Once in New York he successfully hid his B.O. for the first 15 minutes at the office, after which he snuck into the bathroom to apply some Energize and was back out so fresh and so clean, clean—for the next 24 hours.

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ZAK Body Care natural organic deodorant aluminum free no parabens safe for sensitive skin influencer 

p.s. Here are some of the things people have been saying about our deodorant:

~“A chemical free deodorant that works”


~”Approved! Paleo deodorant”


~ “A healthy deodorant that works”


~”Nearly identical to my homemade natural deodorant that works.”

~”Love it! Paraben free deodorant.”


~”Deodorant with no side effects. Great unscented deodorant for sensitive skin.”


You can find all our formulas here:

Original Formula

Coconut Oil

Baking Soda

Arrowroot powder



Smooth Formula


Non-GMO plant based Propanediol


Organic Essential Oil Roll-On

100% essential oil


Mini sticks and mini multipacks

Original formula mini sticks

Smooth formula mini sticks



We partner with many bloggers and social influencers. We pay for sponsored posts and we also have an open door policy with promoting our products. If they like our products we appreciate it when they share it with others.

Bloggers that have enjoyed out products are


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LaRitzy Beauty Subscription Box October 2015



Natural deodorants with natural ingredients that nourish your skin. We use certified organic ingredients when possible. Our deodorants perform in any condition. At the gym, exercising, doing yoga, lifting weights, surfing, snowboarding—you can use our natural deodorants all day everyday, anywhere.

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