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Natural deodorants that give odor protection all day and safe for sensitive skin

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 Sunshine in Colorado!

It's got us feeling like lady liberty.  

It is STILL beautiful in Denver! Winter has yet to arrive. 

Our natural deodorants work in any climate. They protect you from odor all day and nourish your skin. Our ZAK natural deodorants use ingredients that are natural and organic. 


Winter will arrive eventually and our premium natural deodorants will work when its warm and dry or cold and dry. Our organic deodorants give odor protection and nourish your skin. Our deodorants are healthy for you and deliver real nutrition to your skin. 


You can read our About Us page about our Premium Natural Deodorants here. 

Zak Body Care is committed to delivering high quality natural deodorant to you!

Our deodorants protect you from odor and toxins because we don’t use harmful chemicals in our deodorant formulas.

 Our premium ingredients have been selected precisely to bring you the highest performing deodorant on Earth! They are healthy for your skin and safe for sensitive skin. 

On our website you can buy natural deodorant with confidence! It really works and we guarantee that if your don’t like your first stick of deodorant we will refund you no questions asked. Try our natural deodorants risk free


See our FAQ page here. 

Below is a breakdown of all our deodorant formulas.

Showing the base ingredients. 


Original Formula

Coconut Oil

Baking Soda

Arrowroot powder



 Smooth Formula


Non-GMO plant based Propanediol 


Organic Essential Oil Roll-On

100% essential oil 

We even have mini travel size deodorant sticks so you can try out all our formula first before buying a full sized stick.


Mini sticks and mini multipacks 

Whenever you need odor protection think of our Premium Natural Deodorants from ZAK Body Care. We choose our ingredients carefully to deliver the best natural deodorants out there. Our deodorants work when you exercise, go out on a date, and even at work! 

Premium natural deodorants often don’t work but ours do! Our natural deodorants stand up to the toughest test. Put them to the test and see for yourself. Our deodorants protect you from odor all day. Our formulas also help moisturize, condition, tone, protect, and nourish your skin. Our deodorants are safe for sensitive skin. All the ingredients are safe for sensitive skin and healthy too! Our deodorants are cruelty free, we do not test on animals. Our products are not tested on animals. We love animals, we would not want to harm them, and we do not want to harm you. So we don’t use harsh chemicals in our deodorants so you can feel good about wearing our natural deodorants. 

No aluminum

No parabens

No phthalates


No triclosan

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